Purchasing A Subscription As a Gift

You can buy a Beautyclickbox subscription as a gift by purchasing the 'gift' option.  This will generate a unique gift code that you can purchase for friends and family without having to set up an account for them.  The receipient will then receive the gift code.  

The Beauty of this is that you can set the amount for a minimum of one box payment or you can enter in a payment amount for the whole year.  For example if you only want to gift one box of the premier subscription you would enter in the cost of that box which is £75.00.  If you want your giftee to receive a year's subscription you would enter in £300.00 (£75.00 x 4).  

Your giftee will receive their box with the next subscription box shipment.  You have total control over how much and how many boxes you would like to send to your giftee. 

Please note that gift subscriptions will automatically expire after the final box has been dispatched or the  gift amount to be redeemed by the giftee runs out, which ever comes first, so there is no need to cancel.  

Alternatively you can also choose to buy from our year-round selection of luxury gift boxes which are suitable for a number of gifting occassions and opportunities.